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A guide to Google My Business Reviews 2020

Let’s today find out the complete details about Google My Business Reviews or in-short GMB Reviews. You can jump to any part of the article which you like most from the below list,

What are Google My Business Reviews?

A review is something “Thinking Again”, “Expressing Will”. Reviews are the opinion of someone after using something, these are pure opinions not biased.

There is a feature in Google My Business which allow your customer to leave their feedback about your business on your Business Listing and this is called Google My Business Review. GMB Reviews evaluate the business and customers. These reviews are a direct way to judge the business.

Do GMB Reviews help increase in Ranking?

Yes, absolutely reviews are considered as the Ranking Factor in Local Search Results. It is a simple rule, if your business has more reviews, more likely it is very reputable.

Google My Business Reviews help ranking
GMB Reviews as Ranking Factor

Businesses with more and positive reviews are mostly to rank higher in Google Maps or Local Search Results. Reviews are a part of SEO for GMB Optimization not the ultimate way to rank.

No one can predict the Google Algorithm but by having enough reports it is made clear that Google Map Reviews are the way to Ranking in Local Search Results.

Do you only need to have reviews to rank higher? No, there are many other aspects and steps to consider for your GMB Listing high ranking. Reviews are only a part of the whole SEO if they are achieved organically not in a spam way.

Ways to get more Google Reviews for GMB Listing

Yes, you can get more and more reviews organically by asking your customers. As per research, 30% of the business SEO is the customers’ reviews. So, why you would want to leave this so important part of SEO.

Here below are the steps which you can follow to get more Google My Business (Google Maps Listing) Reviews for your business,

  • Step 1: Claim your Business Listing
  • Step 2: Optimize your Business Listing
  • Step 3: Provide Special Offers & Discounts
  • Step 4: Ask your customers to leave a review

Step 1: Claim your Business Listing

The first thing that you need to do is to claim your business listing on Google Maps. If you already have claimed your business on Google Maps through Google My Business then there is no need for it.

But, if your business is already present but you have not claimed it then claim your business first.

  • Open your business on Google Map
  • Click on “Claim this Business”
  • Provide your Business Details
  • Receive PIN Code at Registered Address
  • Enter your PIN Code and Verify your Business

So, this is all about claiming and verifying your Google My Business Listing.

Step 2: Optimize your Business Listing

Next, you need to optimize your Google My Business listing. You can also get Google My Business Optimization Service from experts.

You can follow below steps for your Google My Business Optimization to get more Google Reviews.

  1. Add Business Name & Description
  2. Complete other Business Info
  3. Add Working Hours
  4. Add your Business Identities (Logo, Banners, etc.)
  5. Create some posts

So, this is all about basic Google My Business Optimization.

Step 3: Provide Special Offers & Discounts

Providing special offers and discounts to your customers will make them happy and they will engage in your business. It is a direct way to get Positive Feedback from your customers.

According to research conducted by Rankere, 75% of the customers leave positive reviews after finding the business by any Special Offer.

Here are the steps that you can follow to After creating some discounted offers to get more Google Reviews on Google My Business Listing

  1. Design some Posters for Offers
  2. Create Posts about the Special Offer
  3. Make the deals live on your Website
  4. Share these offers to your Social Media Handles
  5. Advertise your Special Offer (Optional)

Step 4: Ask your Customers to leave review

According to our research, almost 78% of customers are willing to leave a review if they are asked to leave a review in a better way. The best way to ask your customers is by sending them a Text Message. Text Message has a high CTR and it will catch the attention of your customer.

Also, try to provide them a direct link to leave a review. The shortest way to leave a review will make more reviews for your business.

Advantages of Google My Business Reviews

As we have discussed earlier that Google Reviews are considered as Ranking Factor. So, there are a lot of advantages to having positive and more Google My Business Reviews.

  1. Increased Local Ranking
  2. Make your CTR High
  3. Increase Trust and Credibility
  4. Enhance E.A.T for Google Search

E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) is a direct way that Google uses for Business Ranking in Search. And, Reviews are the best way to increase your Authority and Trust.

Should I buy Google My Business Reviews?

The very short and sweet answer to this question is “No”. You should not buy any Google Review as this is a violation of Google Policy.

Google Algorithm is unpredictable and Google can punish your business if it finds something fishy at your end. After Google Panda Update, Google Search Algorithm is very strong, and now can it works mostly on Artificial Intelligence.

Google knows what is done fake and what is Organic. You may be lucky to not be caught by Google Algorithm for a while but at last, you have to be defeated.

Still, if you want to rank your business by nights and want to test Black-Hat SEO, you can buy Google My Business Reviews to improve your ranking fastly. It depends on how efficiently you have created Google Reviews, if it seems quite organic then Google will not punish your Business’ Ranking.


Google Reviews are essential to gain Credibility and Auhtority at the start of your business. It is a must part of Google My Business Listing SEO. So, you should not ignore it and keep exploring the opportunities to increase the Google Reviews for your business.

It will help you to rank higher and beat your competitor in Local Search Results. Let us tell in comment section, how much important Google Reviews are for you? And, what are your strategies to get more Google Reviews.

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