Google My Business Listing Verification without Postcard (2020-2021)

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Everyone having the presence of his business online will be well aware of the importance of Google My Business Listing Verification. Google My Business (GMB) can cover almost 60% of your Local SEO on its own. So, it is a golden opportunity for everyone to verify their business and list it to Google Maps by using a service named Google My Business.

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So, let’s start now moving towards the Google My Business Verification Methods available in 2020.

Google My Business- GMB Verification Methods

Google wants to help the real businesses to showcase their identity proof so that it may able to list their business online. Google Maps is covering a big part of Local SEO and Google wants to list the real businesses over it. There have been a lot of spam on Google Maps because people use Black Hat methods to verify their businesses over Google My Business.

There are almost 8 verification methods that you can avail of (if Google allows) while verifying your business. Here below is the complete list of Google My Business Verification Methods,

  1. Postcard Verification
  2. Phone Number Verification
  3. Email Verification
  4. Instant Verification
  5. Video Call Verification
  6. Manual Verification
  7. Google Product Experts
  8. Google’s “My Business Program”

So, these are all the verification methods available for GMB Verification but you might have asked me,

Why Google does not show all GMB Verification Methods?

Actually, Google Algorithm is unpredictable and AI-based. It can take a look into its own system and will provide you the Verification Methods available and suitable for you. It is totally up to Google’s Algorithm, no one can predict.

Let’s have small details of each verification method separately, to check complete detail you can check here.

Postcard Verification

Google sends a Postcard having a Six-Digits verification Code in it and you need to enter a valid address where your business is located so that Google may send a Postcard there.

This method is available to every business listing and most authetic one also.

Phone Number Verification

If you are listing your business with an address located in the United States and add your Phone Number of US in your listing, Google might give you the option of GMB Verification by Phone Number.

You can receive the text from Google with six-digits code for your business verification at your registered Phone Number.

Email Verification

If your business is already added to Google Maps and you want to claim it, Google may provide you the option of Email Verification. Your business email may already be registered such as [email protected] and Google will ask you to get the verification code at that registered email address.

This is not available to all businesses and it is up to Google whether it provides you or not.

Instant Verification

If you already have added your website to Google Search Console and have a really good presence on the Internet like Social Media and Search Engines, Google will not ask you about the verification.

You just need to enter the businesses information and there you go.

Video Call Verification

Video Call verification is not directly available to businesses and not also available globally. If you order the postcard again and again and are not available to receive it for a reason then you have this method.

You can not order the postcard, again and again, You can order the postcard almost 4-7 times and after that, it will show you the option to Contact Support. Just fill up that contact form and you might get an option to verify your business by Video Call. You can use Hangouts services for video calls.

Manual Verification

This verification option is available as same as Video Call methods. When you have used all your tries for ordering Postcard with a verification code, Google will ask you to contact the Support Team.

Fill the contact form with details as much as you can add. Attach your Business Images also and a detailed description. After 24-48 hours, you will get a response back from Google regarding your business verification.

Google Products Experts

Google launched this program where there are levels as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Google Product Experts can have this option to skip the verification process and can add business listing easily.

Google’s “My Business Program”

Under this newly launched program, Google partners with big businesses and agencies. If a business is associated with SEO then it is not eligible for this program. If you are chosen under this program, you can skip all the verification processes. Just send the CSV list of businesses needed for verification to Google and these all listings will be verified.

To become a My BusinessĀ Provider reach out to your Google account manager.

Google My Business- GMB Verification without Postcard

Google’s Algorithm is becoming stronger and stronger by days. To control the spam over Google Maps, Google now provides other methods of verification to businesses very less than the Postcard method.

If you want to authenticate your businesses listing in a legal way then you need to verify it by legal methods. There are still hundreds and thousands of listings over Google Maps which are fake and spam. They are registered on an address but there they do not exist in reality.

To verify your GBM Listing without Postcard is not an easy job, if you have other options available then it is easy :). There are some categories where no Postcard verification required if done rightly. But, we will not share here because of a lot of spam happening already.

If you do not want to verify your business on Google My Business then you can use other methods (If available) to verify your GMB Listing. You can also contact us if you are stuck in the verification process, we can help you in verification in a completely legal way.

You can use other methods to verify your Google My Business Listing if you can not verify with Postcard such as,

  1. Phone Number Verification
  2. Email Verification
  3. Instant Verification
  4. Video Call Verification
  5. Manual Verification

Our Recommendation

We will suggest you choose the Postcard verification method. If by any issue, you are not able to verify by Postcard and get your business verified by Manual Verification, you will not be able to enjoy full perks of the Search Algorithm (It is our personal experience).

A business verified by less secure methods will not be ranked easily over search and Google Maps. Sometimes, it will not even show up on Google Maps although it is located there even if you zoom in at that area. It will show on search properly but may not perform well on Maps and not show your business Location Pin (Marker) on Maps.


To sum up, I would like to say that you choose the Postcard Verification Methods as it is our recommended one and safe. Do not go around the fake and spam methods. There are some people who can verify listings without Postcard all over the world but they can guarantee the quality, your business listing may be suspended at any time.

You can also get our GMB Optimization Service if you already have your listing on Google My Business and want to optimize them. We can help you to rank your business up in Local SEO and Local Search Results.

Let’s know what method, did you adopted to verify your business?, in comments šŸ™‚

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